Single? Avoid these Hollywood Guys!

Dating in Hollywood is a lot different than dating…well anywhere. First of all, good luck finding a guy who doesn’t take more time primping then you. It’s all about looks and status here. Pretty straight forward- if you’re hot, you are in the mix with “good people”. If you are rich, you have status- again, in the mix with “good people”. This is the code of the guys who are in the club scene. Guys here are dying to be in this secret club- where bottles flow at their table until 2am five days a week. It’s all about bros, not hoes, in Hollywood; well, until the club closes.

Also, good luck finding one that is actually straight. The gay to straight ratio is completely offset. Literally, three gays to every five guys. Don’t get me wrong, I love my gays- but is it necessary for every hot, built, tan guy in Hollywood to swing that way?

So, here’s the advice: don’t get sucked into the bullshit of the club guys (they are the ones our mothers warned us about). Yes- they are after only one thing and just know that most of them, wait…all of them, are completely phony. If you decide to go with a “club guy”, its ok- just remember he is not any different than what I have said and no– you can’t change him. Be young and have fun, but don’t be a stupid girl. You will thank me some day!

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