Burberry Exclusive!

This just in: the popular brand Burberry has launched a new cosmetic line available in only 12 stores in the entire world. And lucky us because two of them are in California! Nordstrom inside of South Coast Plaza and Nordstrom in San Francisco (Go Giants) carry this popular brand.

They sell all of the basics- eye shadows, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, foundation and cheek colors in beige, browns, grays, deep blues and pinks.

 It’s a little on the expensive side, but according to fellow “Get it Girl” Elizabeth Heath, totally worth the money. She owns the most popular lip color “Nude Beige” ($27).

I tried it on the infamous Saturday night with Psycho and I was definitely digging it. The color is very impressive and looks really good on every skin tone (well at least mine and Lizzie’s). She is more of a pink undertone while I am an olive.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how well it holds up in a hot make out session, but I can tell you it says on well while drinking. I didn’t have to reapply once! That alone, is a reason to buy so go get it! 🙂

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