Don’t Be The Jealous Girlfriend

The most unattractive thing to the opposite sex is jealousy. We’ve all been there, and it’s okay to have those feelings (every once in a great while). What really counts is how you handle yourself when you feel this way.
To avoid looking crazy to your partner and his friends, calm down, take a couple breaths and really assess the situation. More than half of the time, it’s all in your head. This means there is no need to bring up your insecurities to him or in front of his friends (especially during a night out).
The only time you should let an insecurity slip is if you two are in private. Also, make sure you’ve been dating for a while, because there’s nothing like a new person coming into your life and trying to change it in the first week of dating (ahem…Butch)* refer to “When Hot Guys Turn Psycho”.
The most annoying thing for your boyfriend is when he is out with friends and you throw a bitch fit. This completely spoils the night for everyone else and none of his friends will ever forgive you. You will always be known as the crazy bitch who is dating so and so.
If this sounds like you, reassess your relationship! Do you like crying every time he goes out with his friends? Because I’m sure your friends don’t like rushing to your aid every time he makes you feel like shit.
You look pathetic when you show insecurities to him, his friends and worst of all your friends. Girlfriends can only give so much advice before their faces turn blue and they stop talking to you all together.
So if jealousy is a pattern that shows up in your relationship, think: Am I okay with looking pathetic? Do I want to lose all of my friends over this guy? Are puffy eyes every night a turn on?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations! You have just earned yourself a certificate in Pathetic Females 101. If you can live with that, you deserve the jerk.


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