Lost Love

I’m going to throw you people for a loop right now. This isn’t like my usual relationship advice. This blog has zero to do with how great being single is or any guy drama.

It is about lost love.

I am keeping the writer confidential but I wanted to share it with you. I believe the writing expresses certain feelings we’ve all had before (longing, loneliness and regret).

You might take certain things from this blog differently than I do. I just think it needs to be shared. So take it for what it is and tell me what you think—

I think about you all the time. Sadly, I cannot work up the courage to tell you that- how much you still mean to me, you will never know. After I am done writing this, it will stay in my notebook; aging in time and someday these words will disappear- just like your love for me.

I will never be able to get these words to you. You will never know how I feel inside because I am too much of a coward to tell you.

I pushed you away because I’m too obsessed with image and success. I thought I couldn’t obtain these things with you, now I am starting to realize that I might not be able to reach these things without you.

With you I can be myself. I am confident, passionate and driven. When you went away, all of those left with you.

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  • CBrennan says:

    This article says more than the words that are there. I think you are right, everyone will take this differently. To me, I do not see any love that is lost. If anything, this article is about the love that seems to be everlasting. I have never personally felt lost without someone’s love, however I can imagine the feeling and empathize with people who feel this way. It is a little heartbreaking to read and makes me appreciate the love I do have in my life.

    I hope that anyone who feels this way realizes that Love with surpass all things and will be worth taking the chance.

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