Out With The Old, In With…The Same Guy?

I have a term I like to use for men that fall out of our lives only to bless us with their presence once again…“Recyclables.” My theory is much like empty soda cans or plastic milk cartons- you are doing the environment a favor by “recycling.” It’s a lot safer than whoring around town and I feel that every girl must try it.

These men often liked you more in the past relationship which is why they are back. They tend to give you a lot of attention and reassure you of how amazing you truly are. This makes it easy for you to turn the emotions on or off since you are in control. If your emotions are not in check, you must get out because this means the roles are reversed and you are being the “recycled” one. To avoid becoming a member of the “Recyclables” do as I say:

  1.  Never call him back after 10pm- let him guess what, where and who you might be doing.
  2.  Always go to his place- that way you don’t have to sleepover if a better offer arises.
  3.  Look sexy all the time, even in PJ’s. The secret is for him to constantly be reminded of how much he wants  you.
  4.  NEVER and I repeat NEVER speak those 3 magic words to your “recycled friend”- I love you is a formula for disaster and just messes with your control over emotions.

 Remember ladies, these boys are at your convenience and disposal. Unlike a glass of wine or a bottle of vodka, you don’t have to finish the whole thing. Savor the bottle, let it age a little and pull it out when you hit the next dry spell 🙂

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  • CBrennan says:

    I LOVE this article. You couldn’t have said it any better. I look forward to more of your advice 😉

  • melp says:

    “Unlike a glass of wine or bottle of vodka, you don’t have to finish the whole thing….Let it age…” hahaha I love it! Bust out the recyclables whenever you have to deal with another “Butch”. That’s what they are there for right????? 😉 lol

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