When Guys Dress Themselves

We all know at least one guy who is cute and charming, but can’t put a single outfit together. This can be a nightmare for the girl who is dating him. Reason one, you have to be seen with him and two, people associate you two together.

 I once dated a boy who thought it was hilarious to wear shirts with inappropriate sayings. Now don’t get me wrong, in some situations it was pretty entertaining.  Not so much when he wore his “We Put a Man in Jennifer Aniston” fraternity shirt to my family barbeque.

So you might ask, why would I keep dating someone this tacky? Besides being 18-years-old and always wanting to push my dad’s buttons, I figured out a way to manipulate his wardrobe. How? With these simple moves that are so foulproof, any girl can do it.

The next morning, leave with his clothes on. Once you have them in your possession, hide them deep in your bottom drawer. When he asks for them back, say they are in your dirty clothes. Start with the most hideous and work your way to the bearable.

Be honest and tell him he needs a new wardrobe. Yes, this might be harsh but it could also be just that simple to get him to change — into a new shirt that is. Be his shopping buddy and suggest a weekend trip to place you like. Make sure it’s not somewhere he feels out of place though. I suggest a department store; he is sure to find something there. Also, pick things out that you think he’d look good in. Make a comment about how sexy he would be wearing it. He will surely buy it if he thinks it will get him laid.

 Make sure he knows the items in his wardrobe that make him irresistible to you.  By telling him how hot he is, you are boosting his confidence. Why wouldn’t he want to wear the shirt that makes you want to jump on him? Again, men like sex. He will do anything that makes him think you will get hot for him.

Tell him your little brother has that outfit and every time he wears it, you think of your sibling. He would never want you to look at him and think of your brother.  Discussion closed.

There are probably some other really clever ways to get your man to dump his sucky wardrobe. If I am missing any, women help your fellow “Get it Girls” by posting things you’ve done in the past.

And guys, if you’re reading this, add anything that might make you consider throwing away that 10-year-old “favorite” shirt.

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  • Liz says:

    One of my Boyfriends always wanted to oversized Jerseys! Those where a disaster:/

  • lil_sarah says:

    fish shirts and mickey shirts. when you wear them, expect to innocently get gum in some girl’s hair. its karma 🙂 i can only say this because, like you advised, we have all told him numerous times that its got to end! and we all still love him, just not his wardrobe!but he is one of the types who is confident enough to not care, i.e.: my brother and kilts. on a first date!

    love you both if you read this!

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