When Exes Attack

I want to know how guys pick and choose what exes they want to be friends with. I’m not saying I want to talk to every single ex boyfriend I’ve ever had but I’d like to at least catch up with a few.

And I’m not talking about an ex who is in a committed relationship because we all know girls like that are annoying.

So let’s talk about the real issue…why he can be friends with other exes but not you. There are many reasons and I’ve heard them all. From “She meant nothing and you mean everything,” to “I have never cared for her the way I do for you.” To boys who use these excuses… do us a favor and cut the crap!

I have always felt that if someone still cared, they’d keep in touch. So what’s the deal with him and his ex? Let me tell you the harsh truth…he wants to keep his cake and eat it too. Part of him is still in love with her and he’s too selfish to give you up. So, let’s go over some life lessons and hope this never happens to you-

Lesson #1– If he still talks to her on the regular, run because he is saying that she is more important than you. Calling, grabbing lunch or talking when running into each other is not a big deal. But the second she is the shoulder he leans on when you two are fighting, your relationship is over. If she becomes his rock, cut the cords because she has again wrapped him around her pretty little finger.

Lesson #2- If she becomes the topic of every fight, there is a reason. You are being insecure and this is not how your man should make you feel.

Lesson #3- If she is constantly showing up at the places you two will be it’s because he has told her that he will be there and she wants to get under your skin. If you have to fight this much for a guy, he better be freaking Hercules or at least look like Johnny Depp.

I’ve dealt with some pretty gnarly exes in my life. Let me tell you from experience, the only thing it leads to is heartbreak. Dealing with one girl coming in and out of your relationship is stupid. You should never put up with that and he should never ask you to.

Trust is the glue that keeps a relationship together. If someone comes between that glue, the whole foundation falls apart. If you take anything from this article, please remember this: no relationship can last if trust is missing.

So, to tie this topic up with a pretty little bow, let’s get to the main point. If he really cares about you and his relationship with you, he won’t let someone come in between. He will put you above the other girls and all the bullshit that they bring.

If he doesn’t do that for you, he doesn’t really care. And, if he sees his ex more than he sees you; money says they’re doing it.

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  • CBrennan says:

    Haha… “money says they’re doing it”

    Funny, but oh-so true!
    I agree with this and have thought about this a time or two in my day. I don’t know if their is some sort of set logic behind exes; all I know is that they are an ex for a reason. That is why I choose to not befriend my exes. 🙂

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