Accomplish a Flawless at Home Manicure

Everyone has obsessions—coffee, cars, cleaning, etc. Mine has to do with my nails (well okay, coffee is one too). The minute one nail has even the most minuscule chip, my focus is fixated on taking off my nail polish and re-painting them. This has led me to become almost a professional manicurist and very particular with nail products.
Plus, who has the time or patience to go sit and get your nails done? They will only chip the second you step into your car. So, in order to ensure that everyone holds high standards for their polish jobs, I am going to share a few pointers. Follow my tips and transform your dull nails into perfectly polished ones! All of the products used can be found at your local Sally Beauty Supply, or online at

  • Nail polish remover. My favorite-“Beauty Secrets Acetone Professional Nourishing Nail Polish Remover.” After using this lifesaver, you will never have patience for a drug store polish remover again. It works so fast, and with ease. Plus, it smells great too!
  • Shape and file with Purifiles Cushioned File Collection.” This file is unlike any other, it is course enough to quickly shape your nails. This seasons shape is short and square but with rounded corners. It also lasts much longer than the average nail file, my current one is celebrating its three-month birthday!
  • Sooth and shine withTropical Shine Mini 4-Way Nail Buffer Block.” By buffing and shining your nails, the polish will stick longer. You will have red-carpet ready nails for just a little longer.
  • Let the painting begin! To prevent dying your real nails, apply a base coat. I use Orly’s“Bonded.” I am not too picky with base coats, because you cant see their work.
  • Dive into polish collection and pick the right color for the occasion. Be sure they are season appropriate—typically darker shades in winter, and brighter shades in summer. Timeless colors include: reds, nudes, and black. Although my dad insists I’m Gothic when they are black, the color provides high shine and is often quite appropriate. Keep in mind as the runway looks change, so do polish colors! This seasons trends include: purples, metallics, neutrals, and jewel toned colors.  While OPI is always a top contender, I have recently fallen in love with the Orly collection. Their polishes are thick and rich in color, completely coloring my nails with only 2 coats.
  • Apply Top Coat. My most reliable beauty product yet: European Secrets Rock Top Coat. I’m seriously obsessed and always have at least 2 in stock at all times. I have tried basically every topcoat on the shelf, and this surpasses them all. With just one coat, it turns your polish job into a gel, making them thicker and extraordinarily shiny. It dries fast too!
  • Have patience and let them dry. Now you’re ready to dazzle everyone with salon-standard nails!

For the girl on the go: Sally Hansen has the “complete salon manicure” line. With basic colors, this polish includes a top and bottom coat. However, I clearly can’t walk out the door without Rock Top Coat, so I add a coat of that too.

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