Blast From the Past-WTF Trends!

Tattoo Choker


Do you ever look at photo’s from years ago and think why the hell did my mom let me wear that? Well, I do all the time (sorry mom) and I’ve decided to form a list of  the top beauty mistakes from the past. Remember, we are talking beauty products people– not boys! 

So here they are.

Scrunchies:Classic criminal #1. Never cute but damn convenient. And let’s admit it, how cool were the velvet ones?

Wrist Slap Band: What a hot commodity in 5th grade and only 25 cents out of the jewelry machine! Remember, they came in black then graduated to bright colors. But they really had a winner when they invented the animal print slappers!

Plastic Tattoo Chokers: We rocked the hell out of these. Sadly now if you are wearing one everyone will think you want to 69- thank Oprah for that one.

Tiny Butterfly Clips: So trashy but we insisted on putting them everywhere! To hold up bangs, to secure twisted sections in our hair, etc. Who knew children could love plastic so much!

Topsy Turvy: Please tell me you remember these things! They “assisted” you in turning your ponytail into a french twist. Probably the coolest invention in my mind at the time.

White out nail polish: Whether you were bored or wanted to be a rebel- you at one time painted your nails with whiteout. Dumbest trend ever, but our parents must have loved saving money from buying nail polish. Kudos to whoever created whiteout- they probably made millions off of little 12-year-old girls.

Hair jewels: Colored clip ins, diamonds and f* those stupid ones with springs. They took forever to put in and were so painful to take out. Why did we insist that these were cute?

Sun In– also known as hair killer! I’m brunette and just wanted to be blond. What an easy fix, right? Bleach in a bottle. Sounded great at the time, until I ended up with orange and very dry hair.

Okay– so now you know the top beauty flops of my childhood. You have my word that I will never be corrupted by any of these products again! Now that I’ve shared my secrets, I’d like to hear yours. Post them getitgirls and be sure to include pics for laughs! Lots of love 😉

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  • Linds says:

    Unfortunately I was an offender of almost all of these terrible beauty nightmares!!! What were our mothers thinking?? One more disastrous hair no no I’m guilty of is those horrible silver barrettes, the ones that snap. I always had at least one of those ugly clips in my hair! I’m just crossing my fingers these so called trends never come back!!!

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