Spring Beauty Trends

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder–that’s what I always say. I don’t follow beauty or hair trends usually, but this seasons trends are too hot and steamy not to. This spring, beauty is one to experiment with and wear with that confidence I know you have. There’s a plethora I can talk to you about, but today I will give you my top five favorite spring beauty/hair trends that I think are a MUST.



Considering the 60’s and 70’s are in full swing this season, it comes to no surprise that the hair styles wouldn’t be too far behind. For all you Getitwhit readers that dread the time it takes to do your hair in the morning, have no fear, this season is all about simplicity and the “too cool to care” look that is easy to style. Whether it’s the teased, pinned hair or the windswept natural wave–its all about taking it easy, with elegance. If you don’t enjoy your hair in your face the top knot is the way to go. So, put down the hair cutters, let your hair be free and let the textured hairstyle avalanche take control.

In view of the hair style that will be evolving this spring, hair accessories will be right by its side. Hair pins, combs, bows, feathers, you name it–it’s in this season. With the right hair accessory you are guaranteed an almost flawless if not mesmerizing look with versatile shapes, shades and prints. To accomplish the look: part your hair to one side, sweep across your forehead, and clip off to the side by your temple.



Statement lips, hello! Spring is screaming fun, exciting colors and it’s all happening on your lips.
Matte colors set ablaze and shine free will bring the wild side out from the simplistic and “too cool to care” hair that will be rocking your look. Colors this season are bright red to coral and for the bold and daring– orange will be something to play with this season. To incorporate lips into your look, take a pair of matte coral lips with clean skin, lengthening mascara and golden eyeshadow.


To keep the thrill seeking momentum going, eyes play a huge role in the seasons to come.
We say goodbye to the smokey eyes and welcome the eyelids that are washed with color. Whether it’s a soft ethereal look with greens and golds or a bold playful style–eyes cannot be missed. To complete this look I suggest you pair the technicolor eyeshadow with bare skin and a glossy nude pink lip keeping the look natural but fun.




Cheeks are something that has been overlooked these past seasons but have no fear cheeks are back.From the bright pink Nars ‘Orgasm’ to the golden shimmer of Laura Marcia–cheeks will finally get to come out and play. If you’re usually a pink cheek girl, switch up with Nars cream blush in ‘Gold.’ Match it with a glossy lip and a gorgeous golden tint eyeshadow to complete the look.

As I sign off today, I want to remind all Getitwhit readers that although these five looks will be a grand hit, please do not think I’m even suggesting to put them all together. Each look has its own eclectic feel and if all worn together you may look like an eclectic clown. But given two or three at a time, worn right, you will create a head turning look that will be perfect for anyone–at any age.

Till next time,
Peace love and happiness.

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  • Liz says:

    I love all of these looks and especially excited for the textured hair styles:) Now I just need my hair to grown a little bit faster! BTW thank you for clarifying that all these trends are not to be worn together. Sometimes readers need a little direction on how to wear the trends not just what they are. Love you my little fashionista:)

  • msholiday says:

    I’m really feelin’ the statement lips! Think I’ll give the corals & reds a try!

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