Women’s Spring Fashion Forecast

The new year, for most people, means a new you, a new person, a new look. The sun is shining, the warm weather is breaking through and well, it’s that time of year to clean out your closet.

I know it seems as though we are at the midst of winter, but spring is right around the corner and the trends are starting to trickle in. In spring, we begin to say goodbye to our chunky knits, dark colors, and skinny jeans, and say hello to the girly girl that we have been hiding since summer left us. This spring trend is demanding the 60’s and 70’s back and well, the flower child inside me opens the door and welcomes it with an warm embrace.
Since spring/summer 2011 fashion forecasting began, all I have noticed is the welcoming of the flared leg denim back into the closet. When I think of denim, naturally I think skinny leg, however, with the skinny so commonly worn it is only natural that another style will begin emerging as the new staple denim.

Another trend I’m quite excited to welcome into my closet is crochet and macramé. No, I’m not talking about your new blanket your grandmother made you for Christmas, I’m talking about the bohemian style that will soon be demanding space in your closet.

This staple welcomes thrift and vintage shoppers, like me, to go explore the refined textures and outfit elements that once inspired flower children all around. Crochet and macramé takes on the earthly color palette of browns and oranges, creams and whites. You will find the style inspired by hippies, festival chicks, flower children but still with an edge of luxury and a modern sense.

A trend I am not surprised to see come back is stripes. Since the military look starts to wind down, we begin to see nautical inspirations arise in the spring. I’m not saying that everything nautical will be in full swing, but just the classic navy and white stripe worn mainly as the leading color palette. This is not shocking seeing that the bell bottom and flared leg will be seen throughout 2011, both work hand in hand to give you the opportunity to create the perfect 70’s inspired ensemble.

Although I can continue writing for what seems like hours about fashion and its upcoming trends, the following are at least three main staples that will get you started. If you ever feel the urge to get inspired, here are some fun sites to follow:




And of course, www.getitwhit.net

Till next time.
peace, love and happiness.

**Sawna, the author of this fashion piece, is a Los Angeles native. She is an assistant to a jewlery designer for Ludevine, Inc and manager at one of Hollywood’s hippest recycle shops, Crossroads Trading Co.

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  • Liz says:

    Love Love Love the 70’s inspired trend thats coming back! Im obsessed with the wide flare! Please keep writting Sawna this piece was amazing!

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