Stay Cool But Trendy at Coachella! Here’s How–

Seeing that the festivals are just beginning, from films to music, tis the season to express your uniqueness and creativity. And no, I don’t mean through a strumming guitar or painting on a canvas; rather what’s being put on your back.

With Sundance in the past you have Sasquatch, bamboozle, lollapalooza, Treasure Island music festival, Tribecas film festival, and the most important one is just around the river bed. The one I speak of is like the Beethoven to classical music, like Mexican food to hangovers, COACHELLA is to music festivals. Now Listen and listen good… if your going to go to ONE thing this year, pass on your mom’s fiftieth birthday and go take a drive to lovely Indio to experience music like you’ve never experienced it before.

I ask you, at this time, to please take a seat (if you’re walking don’t stop in the middle of the street) and find the nearest bench because the next news may come as a complete shock. Okay….are you seated now? Good.

I’ve never, ah huh, I’ve never been to Coachella. Yes — you have read correctly. Now before you stop reading and call me a hypocritical advice giver, lets get one thing straight. I’ve never been, BUT I’ve dressed a generous amount of people for this occasion (you know who you are). Let me inform you, I don’t lend anything out unless it’s a special occasion. My closet is my pride and joy — my baby. There’s one time, and one time only, that I will forsake my beliefs and lend out complete wardrobes and it’s only for Coachella.

I’ve experienced Coachella through hundreds of different eyes and now, at this very moment, you’ll get some suggestions on what will be essential for 2011’s Coachella experience. And don’t you fret fellas, I strongly advise you to continue reading as well. When you go to any kind of festival, you’re basically competing to be the most comfortable, windswept but trendy outfit that screams “Just threw on this comfy yet one of a kind piece and it looks amaze balls and I know it.”

Ideas on what to pack for both women and men:

Denim shorts- You have to have those cut off shorts! They will be the staple in your wardrobe.
Tank tops- Both men and women. Whether it’s razor back or regular — either way you want a basic tank to throw on for any occasion.
Sandals- It gets hot and one way to keep your body cool is to keep the air flowing through your feet.
Boots- For when you are exhausted of keeping your feet clean from the desert dirt, light weight boots will come and save the day. It is essential, almost VITAL, to have a hat present at all times. It gets hot at some points — after all, Coachella is in the desert.

GIRLS!!!! For all you descriptive craving ones. Some things you may want to include when packing — Belts!  Whether high on the waist or hanging low, a very good accessory to add to your creative outfit. Also, lace/embroidery which puts the casual look into the creative/unique outfit category.

I must reinforce that you will be in the desert which is hot, hot, and ummm hot. Drink an excess amount of water and understand that one may be under the influence, but please give yourself limits — be good.

Till next time,
Peace love and happiness.

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