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Sawna: Fashion, Dating and Beauty Contributor

Born and raised in the city of angels, Sawna grew up in the midst of fashion. Her mom, a fashion designer, passed down her love and knowledge of the industry. At the age of 16, Sawna landed her first internship at Nordstrom and continued working there till the age of 20 all the while going to Los Angeles Trade Technical College for Fashion Merchandising.

At 20, Sawna obtained an internship with a jewelry designer and helped the line, Ludevine, become the success it is today. After 2 years, she walked into a buy sell Trade Company, Crossroads, and hasn’t left since.

With each month, day and minute her knowledge of designers, labels, trends and manufactures continuously grow at a rapid rate. The only time Sawna ever felt the need to write was if it was getting graded. At least that was before Getitwhit creator approached her with a position. Now, Sawna not only writes for, but is a guest blogger for a vegan site and created her own mini blog to track her marathon training (

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