Find The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Man

Christmas is just around the corner — and for those of you who want to get your man the perfect gift, this is the list for you! What kind of gift he’ll love depends on the type of guy he is. Below are ideas on what to get the most common men. And here’s the kicker… the list comes directly from men who read Getitwhit!

So, don’t stress about Christmas shopping this year — let us do the work for you 🙂

The Athletic Gym Rat:

  • Vibrams – This is the new “must have” item for people who are into fitness. Not only does this shoe strengthen your lower leg muscles, but it improves your balance and posture by distributing your body weight evenly. It also gets rid of that “cast” in a toe feeling because this product allows your foot and toes to move “naturally.” In words of our male readers, “They fit like a glove!” ($80-$160 – available online).

  • Body Bugg – This device is a great way to improve your workout and lose weight. It works by keeping an accurate daily record of calories consumed vs. burned, making it easier to manage your weight. Plus with the body bugg system, you can get real-time access to your daily activity through your Android or iPhone. It tracks your steps with a built-in pedometer, manages calories consumed via a web based program and uses sensors to track calories burned — need we say more? ($119-$279- available at 24 hour fitness).

  • Skullcandy headphones –  Whether you pick the bulky headphones or the bugs that fit in his ear,  these headphones are a must for any guy who likes to work on his fitness. Not only do they have excellent bass, they are made to run with – plus, they make a bold fashion statement. Who said guys can’t look hot while dripping sweat? ($34-$299– available online).

The Techy Guy:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab – Ios is cool for your grandma but if your guy is a techy he’s all about the customizible world of Android. The Galaxy tablets are powerful, sleek and available through almost every carrier. ($300-$500- available online or through select networks carriers).

  • Xbox Kinect – Last year it was all the rage and the newest thing in gaming tech. This year its cheaper, better, and has tons more gaming options. Recent upgrades have even made it possible to voice control Netflix and Hulu Plus. ($100-$300- available at Best Buy, Walmart, etc).

  • Galaxy Nexus Smartphone – If your christmas bonus is a little larger than you were expecting then this is what you’re looking for. Android has been trying to create an Iphone killer since the beginning and they’ve finally succeeded in blowing Apple completely out of the water with this beautiful, powerful phone. Features include facial recognition to unlock, integrated Google hangout (up to 9 person video conferencing), and Android 4.0 OS. ($235-$750- available online or through select networks carriers).

The Posh Guy:

  • Joseph Abboud Peacoat – Sophisticated and elegant, a peacoat is the perfect winter accessory for any man who enjoys the city life ($99-$200- available at jcpenny).

  • Kenneth Cole Wristwatch – Every guy needs a watch, but the sophisticated guy needs a watch that makes a statement. This brand is affordable yet sleek — and has been a favorite among men for years ($95-$200- available online).

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang Cologne – Posh guys need flash and the bottle design alone screams masculinity. This is the newest fragrance to the Jacobs collection. With it’s fresh and woody scent, it’s the perfect cologne for the everyday professional. And if you really want to spoil him, add the body wash and deodorant ($55/1.7ml, $75/3.4ml, body wash $25, deodorant $22 – available at Marc Jacob stores).

The Creative One:

  • Reading materials – A book of architecture, cooking, guitars, photography, fashion or technology is the perfect gift for guys who are creative. They need stimulus. In words of one reader, “Things that we like but don’t get enough of excite us.” Another option is a magazine subscription which they can look forward to reading once a month!

  • Apple Airport – People love music, but guys with souls love it even more. This device lets you stream music wirelessly from any computer to your stereo anywhere in your house. It’s great for parties and if you have an iPhone you can control your iTunes wirelessly as well ($99- available through Apple).

  • Tickets to an art exhibition – Creative guys thrive on art in their everyday life. Taking them to an exhibition is a great way to show your man that you care about his interest (price varies – google search for local exhibits).

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