10 Ways To Tell He’s Cheating

Think your man might be straying?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some kind of cheat sheet to follow which revealed a simple yes or no? Well, two women think they’ve created just that. Funny enough, it’s called ‘The Cheat Sheet.’ The book, which unveils simple clues to see if your partner is an unfaithful lover, was written by Stephany Alexander, CEO of WomanSavers.com, and lifestyle writer Rea Frey.

Now, these seem like basic knowledge to us. But have these ladies actually tapped into a cheater’s mind? We think so!

Here are 10 clues.

1 – GROOMING HABITS: If your partner starts dressing better, buying new cologne or changing his grooming habits (for the better) he could be cheating. Also, if he starts doing his own laundry or showering more frequently.

2 – LACK OF SLEEP: A man cheating often loses sleep because he’s so stressed out about living a double life. Cheating can also cause guilt, which would prevent a full night’s sleep. They advise you to watch his sleeping patterns. If he’s more awake at night, there is a reason. He may be calling, texting, seeing his lover while you are sleeping.

3 – LITTLE THINGS: Look for bobby pins. It’s easy for women to leave them behind after a shower or a sexy romp. Also, if he buys you a new scented perfume, be cautious. It might be the same as his other lover and he’s trying to cover up her scent.

4 – LOSES INTEREST: If he’s cheating, he’ll lose interest in anything involving you. Vacations, living arrangements, any conversation involving your future as a couple will be non-existent. Pay attention if he begins to talk about a specific girl, especially a work colleague.

5 – TIME AWAY: A cheating man will need to see his lover, but he’ll have to do it without alarming you. According to the ladies, if he takes extra long buying groceries and forgets more than two items on the list, take note. If work demands more of him (late nights at the office, weekend trips) he could be meeting his mistress.

6 – ANOTHER WOMAN: If another woman enters his life (secretary, roommate, assistant) and he says she’s not attractive but she turns out to be stunning, he’s hiding something. Not necessarily with her, but he doesn’t want you to get the idea he could find another woman attractive. He’s covering his ass.

7 – CELL: A phone could be the #1 clue. If he becomes extremely private or does something with it out of nature (adds security lock, turns ringer off or takes longer to get back to you than usual) he could be cheating. The ladies suggest asking to use his cell phone randomly. If he hesitates, he’s hiding something.

8 – SEX: We always think if he’s cheating, he will lose interest in sex with you. But that’s not always the case. A clever cheater will know you expect this. He might have more sex with you than usual to stray you from thinking he’s unfaithful. Pay attention to your sex patterns with him. If there’s a significant change (more, less) be cautious.

9 – ONLINE SURF: Look at his search history. According to the ladies, cheaters usually clear their laptop history, which is a clear sign he’s hiding something. They also suggest doing some poking around on popular dating sites (Match.com, AdultFinder.com, Passion.com) and search his name. See what comes up.

10 – TRICKS: See if the car radio is programed to stations you two don’t listen to. He could have it programed to “her” favorites. And to see if someone is sleeping in your bed, try this trick: put a rubber band underneath your pillow. It won’t be in there later if someone’s been rolling around in the sheets.


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