Justin Bieber’s Mom Comes Clean About Troubled Past

Justin Bieber may be a millionaire — but life wasn’t always easy for the 18-year-old and his mom Pattie Mallette.

Resisting people’s opinion on abortion, Pattie gave birth to Justin Bieber and worked part-time jobs to pay for diapers. Coming from a sexually abused and drug filled past, the teen mom had no one to turn to. But Pattie isn’t ashamed of who she used to be. Justin Bieber’s mom comes clean about life before and after her singer son in a new book, “Nowhere but Up: The story of Justin Bieber’s Mom.”

Revealing dark moments in her life — like being molested at the age of 3 and how attempted suicide got her stuck in a mental institution before she gave birth to Justin Bieber.

“Writing the book was part of my healing process,” she said in an interview. “Just having to relive things as I’m writing it down. There are parts that are still painful to go over.”

Pattie goes into lengthy detail about her on-again off-again relationship with Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s dad. The powerful story is written in collaboration with A.J. Gregory.

The best part? A portion of the proceeds have been promised to one of the Canadian shelters who housed Pattie while she was pregnant with Justin Bieber.

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