Why You Aren’t Allowed To Fall Asleep

"Image courtesy of Ambro/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net"

“Image courtesy of Ambro/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net”

Picture this: your night is planned.

You and your boyfriend/ hubby are having a quiet night in, watching movies and drinking wine (because you can’t watch movies without alcohol and popcorn, right?) Mid-movie your man is asleep and snoring on the couch. Not only is it loud, it’s annoying — and he can’t figure out why you’re agitated.

Let me answer that question loud and clear, so men don’t ever have to wonder again… this is why girls get pissed when you fall asleep:

1 — Movie night is an event, it’s a planned date.

Even though you’re at home, your girlfriend/wife is excited to spent time with you. She’s probably been looking forward to watching this movie and you’re totally ruining it by: snoring, missing out on punch lines or waking up every thirty minutes to ask about the plot. When you fall asleep, you mess with her ideal night in.

2 — Movies = sex.

The lights are off, you’re a little tipsy, this movie is leading to more — or at least, that’s what she wants. But when you pass out mid-movie, you’ve shatter that chance and cock block yourself. You are your worst enemy in this situation.

3 — Repeatative behavior is annoying and predictable.

Girls don’t get it. If we tell you something pisses us off, what’s so hard about not doing it? Falling asleep during a movie once in a while is tolerable, but when it’s every time, the predictable behavior just becomes irritating.

4 — We could be doing other things.

Not sure you noticed, but girls are all over the place. We like to keep busy, especially on the nights when we don’t work in the AM. We decided to stay home and have a quite night in with you, but when you stuff that up by falling asleep before 11 PM, it makes us wish we had taken our girlfriends up on the whole bar hopping offer.

So, it goes like this: falling asleep during movie night = no sex and an irritated girlfriend. Where’s the fun is that?

Now that we’ve spilled our guts on your annoying habit, hopefully you change your grandfather habits or you’ll be riding solo on the next movie night. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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