Updated: Australia Bucket List!


Only 3 months until I’m back in sunny SoCal!

While I’m anxiously awaiting to see the pretty faces of my family and friends, there is so much I still need to see and do before I say goodbye to this country.

A year has slipped by incredibly fast.

Yes, I’ve held a koala bear, sun-baked on the beautiful beaches and spotted wild kangaroos, but there is so much more this gorgeous country has to offer. When I shared this with my Aussie, he encouraged me to create a bucket list — things I wanted to do before December 3rd — so, of course, I had to make this list public (just for added pressure).

Here they are… the things I still must conquer before heading back to USA!

  1. Go to a cricket match: I’ve heard they are insanely boring, but what a loser I’d be without sitting through one.
  2. Go out to a AUS baseball game: Just to compare them to ours. Eat a hot dog, drink a beer and wear a baseball cap.
  3. Visit Luna Park: I’m just dying to crawl under Mr. Moon’s giant mouth. This amusement park reminds me of Santa Cruz and it would be a shame not to experience it in the beautiful sunshine! pizza
  4. DONE! Find the perfect pizza: You wouldn’t believe how hard it’s been to find a pizza in Australia that knocks my top off. So, it might not be the “perfect” pizza, but it’s as close as I’m going to get with only two weeks left in Australia. This delicious circle comes from Cafe Corretto on Lygon Street (known for it’s Italian neighborhood). The pizza I like is loaded with veggies and prawns (very common in Australia)!
  5. High teaDress up in fancy outfits and pay $75 for crumpets, tea and a single champagne flute… why not?
  6. Dinner tram: Explore the entire city of Melbourne with your love over a nice meal on wheels.
  7. Find a hiking trail: I love to explore and get my fitness on. Now that the sun is shining, it’s time to find a hiking trail!
  8. Visit QueenslandSummer wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Gold Coast! Surf, sand and sun… count me in!
  9. Great Barrier Reef: Something I have to see. us
  10. DONE! Go to the highest city point: Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Melbourne with a breathtaking view. The Edge is a glass cube observation deck that projects 3 meters from the building, leaving you suspended in the air. I have to explore! This little stunt was scary, but fantastic! Ps.. I was the brave one; boyfriend freaked out the whole time. RACE
  11. DONE! Venture out to Melbourne Cup: Again, fancy dresses, big hats, celebrities, outdoor drinking and horse races… what’s not to love? Okay, so I didn’t make the Cup (went to Thailand instead), but I did make an appearance at Derby Days which is just as good! Wearing my Sass and Bide dress, I sported a fascinator from Target (yep, admitting it). The day was so perfect! BELIEVE
  12. DONE! Go to a footy playoff: AFL fans are from a different world. Their rowdiness amplifies when their chance at the premiership is at stake. Go Carlton! The Blues dominated this match against Hawthorn. The ambiance was electric! We ate pies, sang the Carlton fight song, drank beers and screamed out obscenities. The perfect low mantainance event!12
  13. DONE! See the Twelve Apostles: It’s a day long adventure, but the drive is amazing. Imagine driving on the PCH to Santa Barbara… it’s way better than that! We went on an overcast Sunday and it was breathtaking. The drive took about 3 hours, but it was all along the coast. The wind was blowing and you could hear the waves crashing against the rocks. It was a great natural sight to see!

I will be keeping you updated on all the things we accomplish by crossing them off and sharing pics. 91 days to go. This is so exciting!

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1 Comment

  • Hannah says:

    Bucket list 🙂
    The twelve apostals, I think there is only 7 still standing.
    Here are more ideas
    NBL or NBA match here
    Theme parks in Gold Coast
    Climb Sydney Bridge
    See Google in Sydney
    Mansfield where the crocodile Dundee is from
    Phillip Island
    Hamilton Island
    Our drive ins
    Our bean bag cinema
    Cinema in Yarraville that have themes
    Up to Rye etc
    See our relatives that live on the Sunshine Coast that live on a mountain in a forest
    Qld (see Steve Irwin’s work) Werribee (get up close and personal) and Melbourne Zoo
    Just to name a few 🙂
    Have fun in your last few months 🙂

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