5 Things About Melbourne

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More things to know about Melbourne —

1. Outlets – one hard lesson I learned early on; their outlets are not the same as ours in America. Just goes to show, I haven’t travelled the globe! If you ever come to visit, make sure you buy an adapter which can convert your US equipment. That way you won’t be stuck without a charged cell phone, wet hair or a useless computer.

2. People park on their lawns more than their driveways – this is no lie. It’s not uncommon to see a clear driveway, but 3 cars on the lawn.

3. They want me to be clear – they don’t throw shrimps on the barbie! If they do, it’s rare. Most common meats in Australia are lamb, chicken and pork.

4. Also to be clear – kangaroos aren’t as common as we’re set up to believe. They don’t like to be around people, so they go where it’s isolated(a.k.a in the middle of nowhere). If you want to see a kangaroo, go to the zoo.

5. Road rage is at it’s best on the West Gate bridge at 8 AM. Every name under the book is accepted and expected during rush hour. I lived in L.A. and I’ve never seen such angry drivers, who say their peace and get over it or pull over and punch each other.

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