Thailand is The Best Vacay!

Let me start by stating how much I LOVED THAILAND!

It’s like Mexico on crack. With crystal clear beaches, packed bars, amazing shopping and the amusement of watching 80-year-olds try to pick up younger Thai women, there’s no place like this country.

My trip to Thailand goes down in history. I mean, we rode elephants! We had massages every single day for less than $12,  got chauffeured around in tuk tuks (see below) and overloaded ourselves on the best food!

We went to two cities — Phuket and Bangkok. Phuket has the luxury of a beach with a great bar and vendor scene. Bangkok is a huge congested city, but nothing compares to the market shopping and fancy skybars. We loved both cities!

So, if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Thailand, let Getitwhit help you with this list of must-see areas and fun things to do.


Patong Beach

AREAS: Patong Beach is the place to be, especially your first time! It’s in the center of shops, beach and nightlife. The area isn’t too big, so as long as you’re near Beach Road or Bangla Road you’ll be right in the action.


HOTELS: Only stay at four+ star hotels (unless you’re going on a tight budget). The Us dollar is strong, so their four star is like a Holiday Inn to us. Three star is a Motel 6. You’re looking at a minimum of $120 per night, but it’s so worth it. The area is dirty and you’ll want to escape to some serenity. In Phuket, we stayed at two different hotels — Mercure and Novotel Vintage Park. I highly recommend the Novotel, it’s the best four star in Patong Beach.

WEATHER: The weather is pretty good year-round (except typhoon season, which you should Google). We went in November; it was busy with people from all over the world. The weather was lovely, with only two days of light rain, which only lasted an hour. Rain or shine, it’s sticky and hot. Instead of makeup, opt for sunglasses — or get a good primer. I used Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and my makeup stayed all day and night.


TUK TUK: The fun way to get around Phuket is by tuk tuks, which are mini buses with open windows. Drivers pride themselves on how their tuk tuk looks; so, imagine ‘Pimp My Ride.’ All the tuk tuks are glittered with neon lights and subwoofers. They pump Britney Spears, Rihanna and the top 100 music all night long. Average price to get around Phuket is 200 THB — about $6.

OTHER TRANSPORTATION: Taxi is another way to get around. When you get to Phuket airport, you should take one (it’s about $800 THB – or $26.) This is usually a fixed price and you can’t haggle, but it will take you directly to your destination. You can also opt for a taxi van, but expect to make stops along the way. They take you all over trying to persuade you to buy souvenirs and other items from their friends. This option is the cheapest (about 180 THB — $5). Once you get to Patong Beach, you won’t have to take a taxi. We walked everywhere or paid for tuk tuks.



  • Bangla Road is where you can find all the bars and nightlife. It’s wild — strippers, ping pong shows and lady boys — it’s all there. This is where you want to be.


  • Tiger Bar was my favorite on Bangla Road. It’s always busy and they have ladies pole dancing (clothes on) and their skills will make your eyes pop out of your sockets.


  • Number 6 is a local hangout. Great authentic Thai food and so cheap! You would only know about it from word of mouth (we found out through our taxi driver.) There are two restaurants; one where the locals hang out and another fancy spot. I think everyone needs to go to the local one. It’s a great experience. We had beers, 4 meals and an appetizer … the total was $15!


  • Baan Rim Pa is a 5 star Thai restaurant overlooking the beautiful ocean. This is one of the nicest food joints that Patong Beach has to offer. Remember the conversion rate. It’s expensive to locals, but affordable to us. For drinks, an appetizer and two meals, we paid about $45 total. You need a reservation. Don’t just rock up, even on a weekday.


  • Patong Seafood is nice if you want a night off from Thai food. It’s known for seafood, but also has steaks, pastas, chicken, etc. The price point is medium; not expensive or dirt cheap. This restaurant, like a ton of others, is located on Beach Road.
  • Of course, everyone wants to see a Ping Pong Show while they’re in Thailand — or is that just me? Something to be aware of … it’s free entry, but you have to buy a drink and they’re cheap. One drink is about $15 and if you don’t pay, you don’t get to stay. These girls have everything under the sun coming out of their yahoos — I won’t go into details and sorry, no photos.


SHOPPING: Shops and vendors are all over Patong Beach, but Beach Road is the way to go if you want designer knockoffs. They have better quality stuff and you can haggle down the price — even the cheap stuff! They will start out with ridiculous prices, but counter them with the lowest price possible. If they don’t take it and you don’t want to raise your price, walk out and they will come after you. It’s pretty sweet!



  • Beach: You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas for 100 THB each ($2). Just walk to the beach and men will come flocking to collect money. They also have waters, beers and soda to buy and drink on the beach.


  • Phi Phi Island Tour: Go on a day trip to Phi Phi Island. You can sign up from tourist stands on Beach Road and there’s different packages to buy. We went with the speedboat tour (1400 THB or $45 each). With that package, there’s 16 people on your speedboat and it makes 5 stops: Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach, Hin Klang, Maya Beach and Koh Phi Phi Don. There’s free lunch on the beach and snorkeling at almost every spot. You’ll also get to feed monkeys! There’s cheaper packages, but you’re stuck on a boat with 50+ people. It would also be nice to spend a couple of nights on Phi Phi Island. That’s something we are definitely planning for next time.


  • Elephants: I’ll say it … we rode elephants. I regret it now because they really weren’t treated the best and I feel guilty — but if you’re going to do it, here’s the details. It cost about 450 THB ($15). The ride lasted 45 minutes, but 30 minutes is more than enough time. They pick you up from your hotel and take you about 10 minutes outside of Patong Beach. There’s beautiful backdrops and makes for great photo opts, if you can look the other way.


AREAS: Bangkok is more spread out than Phuket. The areas to see are: Siam Square (shopping), PatPong (night markets), Silom (upscale bars), Sukhumvit (shopping, train station) and Kho San Road (bars and backpackers).


HOTELS: We stayed at a new 5 star hotel called ‘The Continent’ in Sukhumvit. Our hotel was amazing, but I wouldn’t recommend the area. It was a little far from the cool spots. I’d suggest staying in Siam Square, where all the shopping is.

WEATHER: Bangkok was the same as Phuket in November, but a little less sticky. I could walk the streets without breaking a sweat.


TUK TUK: Bangkok is much different. Their tuk tuks are less fancy and look more like a motorbike with an open trailer attached. In both cities, the drivers try and take advantage. You can usually get anywhere in Bangkok for around 200 THB — $6 USD.

OTHER TRANSPORTATION: Taxis are the way to go from the airport to your hotel. It will be a fixed rate, but much less than Phuket (ours cost 400 THB). Everywhere except from the airport, tell them to put the meter on.  There’s also a train system which takes you all over the city. Use it and pay about $4 USD one way, but don’t get in a taxi without a meter.

ATTRACTIONS: We were only in Bangkok for 40 hours. Here’s what we did —

  • MBK is the biggest shopping center in Bangkok. It’s about 5 floors of indoor markets. There’s designer purses, proper clothes and accessories, but don’t expect to haggle prices with these people. They want ridiculous amounts and get pretty aggressive if you tell them it’s crazy. To be honest, I was in Bangkok to buy a ton for cheap. MBK didn’t impress me; in fact, I didn’t buy anything and it wasted 4 hours of my time.


  • The Night Market located in Patpong was by far the best shopping in Bangkok. They have everything designer you can imagine (shoes, purses, wallets, scarves, etc). They will come down several thousands THB because they are desperate for you to buy from them. Another cool thing they have… quality DVDs. We bought several new movies for 80 THB (about $3 USD each). You can also find bars and ping pong shows in the alley ways.


  • Sirocco at the State Tower is the nicest restaurant in Bangkok. It’s also the place where they filmed ‘The Hangover II.’ Sirocco is super expensive, but worth the view and vibe. It’s amazing! The state tower also has several bars connected to Sirocco. This is the place to be.


  • Kho San Road is where all the backpackers hang out and a must see. It’s covered with bars, restaurants and kids in their 20’s. ‘Hangover II’ was also shot there.

Overall, Thailand has been my favorite vacation and I hope all our readers get to see it!

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