Lulu — The Dating App From Hell?


I can’t believe my eyes.

I’m staring at my phone in disbelief as I’m looking through a photo gallery of my male Facebook friends with hashtags describing them as #craycray, #obsessedwithhimself, #gonebymorning and #mommasboy. The new app that’s defining dating in the 21st century, is tearing apart men. Is this what dating has come to?

Lulu is the newest app to hit millions of people around the world. It’s designed for women to look up potential boyfriends/hookups and read reviews from girls who’ve gone on dates with them before. I can name 60+ men from college and Los Angeles who are on this site (that I know personally) and am astonished by how cruel some of these girl’s comments are.

Here’s how it works — any man can be added and viewed, but you can only review someone if you are Facebook friends with them. Men are blocked from using this app and sorry guys, even fake profiles won’t get you access. All the reviews (both good and bad) are described with hashtags and each guy is given an average score of 1-10.

So, is knowing every nitpicky thing about a potential boyfriend useful or detrimental? By using this app are you ruining a potentially good thing?

Think of how much you value a girlfriend’s opinion. You might think he’s hot and she responds with, “I’ve heard he’s awful in bed.” It totally changes the way you think of him. Everytime you see his face, you’ll think of his bad sex technique. Now, picture those quirks highlighted on the internet by several different women (some who might be bitter). And we are girls, curiosity is in our nature, but is this going too far?

Although it might be entertaining, Lulu doesn’t seem like a good idea to us!

But we want our viewers to weight in… what do you think of this app? 



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