The Single Life: Valentine’s Day Edition

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It was Elizabeth Taylor who said, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.”

Now, I firmly believe those words — especially on a day like Febraury 14. If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, don’t hide alone alongside your friend Ben and Jerry’s or reminisce about boyfriends past; find a way to celebrate your single hood. After all, you’re the catch that got away!

Here are some creative ways to have a fun Valentine’s Day without a main man.

Girl’s Night Out

Grab your most loud and fun girlfriends and hit the town. You want friends around you that will celebrate being single; not cry over their exes when they are drunk. Whether you hit your favorite local watering whole or try out a new bar, February 14 is also a night where tons of single guys will be on the prowl. Be open to meeting new people without expectations.

Create a Secret Admirer

Just because you don’t have a man, doesn’t mean you can’t get showered with gifts! Grab a group of your favorite girlfriends, draw names (think Secret Santa) and send each other flowers, candy, chocolate, etc. That way, everyone gets a special delivery this Valentine’s Day.

Movie Night In

Staying in and watching romantic comedies that make you happy you’re not attached is also a good plan. We’ve created a list of feel good movies which won’t make you depressed. Grab a bottle of wine, make some popcorn and get in your most comfy pajamas. A night in, never felt so good.

Throw a Single’s Party

Ever heard of Stop-Light parties? Well, make this occasion for Green only. Throw a party for your friends and their friends who are unattached. Tell everyone BYO, go to the Dollar Tree, spend $10 on decorations and be ready for a fun night.

Board Games with the Girls

Who says board games are for kids? Invite your single friends over and bust out the favorites that have an adult twist. Obviously, alcohol should be involved. Here are some suggestions: Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, What’s Yours Like, Adult Loaded Questions and I’ve Never.

Hit a Single’s Party

Lots of cities hold singles parties for Valentine’s Day. Check out radio stations, promotion companies and PR groups for a list of events. If you don’t live in a big city, take a road trip and celebrate with other singles.

Play dress up for a dinner

Call your single friends and go on a dinner date. Treat yourself — dress up, eat steak, share a bottle of wine and even indulge on dessert!

See, you don’t have to hate Valentine’s Day just because you’re unattached. Instead of crying the night away and thinking about your coupled friends, enjoy your life as it is in the moment. You never know… with our list of events, you might find someone to love or at least take home that night 😉

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