Review: Sleep-In Rollers


Curlers that are glittery and pink — yes, please!

It’s no secret that women love volume, curls and bounce. Now, what if you could have the celebrity look without spending hours in front of the mirror? A U.K. company is making that possible.

Introducing Sleep in Rollers new glam glitter pieces! If you want big, red carpet-worthy hair, these will do the trick. And the best part — you won’t be stuck in your house for hours because your embarrassed to go outside. These glitter curlers are so trendy, you’ll want to be seen in them!

 Trust us, if you’re into glam, you need these rollers! 

It was love at first sight.

Opening the pink package equipped with pink totes and sparkle curlers, you can’t help but smile. The presentation is what every female would hope for! Just like when we were little girls, these curlers take us back to our competition dance days — if only we had the damn glitter!

How they work:

Sleep in Rollers are so easy to use. Just like regular rollers, separate sections of your hair and begin rolling. Take the bobby pin (provided in the box) and secure the roller in place. Once you cover your head in curlers, go to sleep and in the morning voila! instant A-List hair.

We are loving our glam glitter rollers and can’t wait to do a giveaway! That’s right — one of our lucky readers will win their package soon! Keep checking Getitwhit for contest details!

 Watch our tutorial on how to get red carpet hair below! 


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