RockSweat — Exercise and Get Schooled in Rock History!


RockSweat is the newest workout to hit L.A. and with the beginning of a New Year … it’s come to town just in time!

Hosted inside the legendary Roxy Theatre on Sunset Blvd., the 45 minute high-intensity workout will make you sweat, appreciate music history and give you a sense of nostalgia — I mean, you’re working out in the freakin’ Roxy!

Incorporating tuck jumps, planks and freestyle dance moves RockSweat will get you toned while educating you (in a fun way) on the backstory of your favorite rock ‘n’ roll hits.

Evan and Diane Harrison have created a really unique exercise experience. Very club-like … think: lights, a DJ, huge sound-system and an inspiring instructor.

We’ve got to tip our hat to Evan. He’s a DJ who knows his stuff. Between intervals expect to get totally schooled in the history of the Roxy and music culture. His enthusiasm and passion plus the instructor’s motivation will keep you pumped throughout the challenging workout.

What I liked most about the class is that it’s so different. I left thinking how cool it was that I lived in L.A. and was able to experience something unique like RockSweat.

For those of you kicking yourself, don’t worry … list of events here!

Do yourself a favor and check out this kick-ass class!

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