Bare Organic Mixers — The Perfect Solution to a Summer Body!!!


Summer is quickly approaching and while we’re simplifying our daily routines to reach that hot body, we’re not about to give up alcohol .. cue Bare Organic Mixers, the perfect guilt-free indulgence.

With only 17 calories in every ounce, forget all the preservatives, corn syrup and sugar substitutes. This organic mixer is sweetened with agave syrup, fruit juice and purified water. It comes in three delicious flavors — Natural Lemon Drop, Margarita and Pomegranate Cranberry Cosmo. During the GBK gifting suite for the MTV Movie Awards I tried the pomegranate mixer with vodka. It was delicious and not overpowering which is important when adding any mixer to alcohol.


I was gifted the Margarita mixer. So naturally, I’ve been making my own margaritas at home using the product. One big shot of tequila and half a cup of Bare Mixer and you have the most delicious margarita of all time. No more 700 calorie margaritas that leave you bloated and feeling guilty. With Bare Organic Mixers you bypass the sweet and sour mix. I’ve even added jalapeƱos to make my own spicy margaritas.

Besides the taste and health factor, one of the coolest things about this brand is the woman who started it. Natalie Susi was a school teacher who got laid off and as she sat at home drinking her unemployment away, she thought how much better she could make the margarita she was drinking. She started mixing tons of products to come up with a healthy alternative for people who love to drink (sounds like our kind of girl!)

Bare Organic Mixers is in stores all over the country including Fresh & Easy, Total Wine & More, HomeGoods and more. We love this product and you will too! Go get yours today — and make sure to check Getitwhit for a Bare Organic Mixers giveaway!!!

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