5 Ways To De-Puff Your Eyes

Whether it’s that time of the month or a fight with your boyfriend — we’ve all experienced puffy eyes.

You cry all night, only to wake up looking like you’ve been plowed over by a semi. Your eyes are so swollen that you can barely open them. Makeup can’t cover it and more sleep won’t help. You need a miracle.

Instead of rolling over and blowing off the day to cry some more, remember you’re a woman and we are warriors! Here’s our favorite tricks to turn your eyes from puffy to party-ready FAST!


  • Ice Cubes: it’s not rocket science. To get rid of puffiness try the age-old ice cube remedy that your mom, grandma and her mom before that used. Take an ice cube, place it in a thin cloth (we recommend a clean dish towel) and place under your eye. Make circular motions and hold on one eye for 2-3 mins before switching to the other. The circular motion gets the blood moving and area stimulated.


  • Aloe Vera: keep aloe vera in your fridge and after a good cry grab that tube and go to town … (really, all you need is a small dab, but we like dramatic effect around here). This seriously works! Take the cold gel and in a circular motion apply it under your eyes. Aloe vera has properties that heal and soothe inflammation. You can find cheap tubes at CVS, Target, etc. or splurge on our favorite, Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber Gel Mask ($52). The cucumber, aloe vera and chamomile ingredients help relieve and calm the skin while the papaya in the gel wakes the affected area.


  • Tea Bags: do not toss those tea bags, ladies! They hold caffeine which reduces swelling and shrinks blood vessels. Brew some tea, let the bags cool for a few minutes and place them on your eyes. The warmness will soothe your eyes and soul and in no time you’re puffiness will be gone.


  • Cold teaspoons: another remedy that will never go out of style. If you’re having a good cry at night, take two teaspoons and put those bad boys in the fridge. Wake up and hold the back of the spoons under your eyes. If you don’t have the night to let the spoons chill, place them in ice water. After a minutes the puffiness will go away. I use this method or ice cubes for two reasons: they’re free and always on hand at home!


  • Create Illusion With Makeup: I swear by this. If your lids are puffy, apply a shimmery white eyeshadow under your eyes and in the inner corners as a highlighter. Apply only one coat of mascara to the top lashes and concentrate on the lower lashes adding a few more coats. This will take away from the swollen area of the upper eye creating an illusion or disguise. The opposite goes if you’re experiencing under eye puffiness. In that case, apply shimmery white eyeshadow on your entire lid and focus on your upper lashes. Bonus tip … don’t be shy with the lip color. Adding something bright to the lips will command attention.

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