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Lady Gaga Debuts Album Cover

Lady Gaga has revealed her Artpop album cover — and it’s not impressive.

Perez Hilton & Lady Gaga: Private Feud Hits Twitter

Lady Gaga is calling Perez Hilton “psychotic” and a “stalker.” The two are in a very public Twitter war and the celebrity blogger is firing back after receiving several death threats from Lady Gaga’s “monsters.” Perez Hilton issued the following statement on what he calls “Lady Gaga’s Lies”. “I have long had plans to return …

See Lady Gaga Completely Nude!

Lady Gaga is displaying her lady parts for the world to see! Warning: Full frontal, completely nude!

Lady Gaga Cancels Tour Due To Synovitis

Lady Gaga has canceled her tour dates due to a severe injury that’s left her unable to walk. The singer will undergo surgery ASAP!

Sharon Osbourne RIPS Into Lady Gaga

Sharon Osbourne & Joan Rivers are lashing out at Lady Gaga after she verbally attacked Kelly Osbourne in a very public way!

Lady Gaga Pukes On Stage

Lady Gaga got sick 3x while performing her hit “Edge of Glory” over the weekend. See footage here!

Politician Calls Lady Gaga a “Slut”

Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro doesn’t think highly of Lady Gaga — in fact, he thinks she’s a “slut.” But there’s more…

Lady Gaga Lights Joint Onstage In Amsterdam

Lady Gaga isn’t shy about lighting a fatty. The singer smoked marijuana on Monday during her concert. What message is she sending to fans?

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