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The 10 Best e.l.f. Cosmetics For Any Woman

I remember my first e.l.f. Cosmetics beauty product like it was yesterday. I was a recent college graduate, unemployed and in desperate need of concealer. So, I went to Target and that’s when I spotted e.l.f. I had never heard of the brand, but I bought their  $3 concealer and headed home to test out my purchase. …

Your Summer Beauty Survival Guide

During summer less is more — and no, I’m not talking about clothes. Although, with this heat, that may be a valid argument. The topic today is makeup. To beat the heat you need reliable makeup that isn’t going to melt off. Whether you’re hiking, biking, camping or surfing we’re all after products that aren’t heavy but …

I Found Dim Sum Heaven!!

Hidden away in the heart of Los Angeles’ Koreatown sits the dim sum house called Golden Pouch, a small window to order place on W. 6th Street where if you blink you’ll miss it. If you’re craving and in L.A. — get the f here! There’s a limited menu, but trust me, it’s all beyond awesome. …

5 Ways To De-Puff Your Eyes

Whether it’s that time of the month or a fight with your boyfriend — we’ve all experienced puffy eyes. You cry all night, only to wake up looking like you’ve been plowed over by a semi. Your eyes are so swollen that you can barely open them. Makeup can’t cover it and more sleep won’t help. You …

Bare Organic Mixers — The Perfect Solution to a Summer Body!!!

Forget those 700 calorie margaritas — Bare Organic Mixers only has 17 calories in every ounce.

MTV Movie Awards Giveaway — Artisan Group Packages

Now you can live like the stars! Getitwhit is giving away 5 bags full of swag that were gifted to celebrities during the GBK event for the MTV Movie Awards!

RockSweat — Exercise and Get Schooled in Rock History!

Interval workout hosted inside the Roxy Theatre, RockSweat will make you sweat while learning the history of Rock ‘n’ roll.

25 Days Of Christmas — (Day 6)

Christmas gift ideas for men and women.

25 Days Of Christmas — (Day 5)

Christmas gift ideas for men and women.

25 Days Of Christmas — Gift Ideas (Day 4)

Christmas gift ideas for men and women.

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