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Chin Chin Melbourne

Chin Chin — not your average Asian restaurant. Don’t expect to walk in on a weeknight and be automatically seated either. This place isn’t rated on Urban Spoon’s “Talk of The Town” for nothing. No matter what night of the week, you are looking at waiting for 2 hours; but there’s a pretty great bar …

This Week’s 5 Melbourne Facts

“Sticky beak,” “Grand final,” “Champas” — do these words mean anything to you? Get to know Melbourne here!

Melbourne — Fun Facts

I’ve learned so much since moving to Melbourne. Here’s 5 fun, but useless facts, that you should know about Melbourne too.

Food Review: Laksa King

Voted #1 on Urbanspoon’s “Best Cheap Eats in Melbourne,” this restaurant definitely lived up to it’s expectations. Tucked in a side street of Flemington, Larksa King is full of people who can’t wait to taste the Maylaysian cuisine. This place is seriously packed, so call ahead. Everything about Laksa King from the atmosphere to the …

Food Review: Taco Bill

Taco Bill is one of Australia’s staple Mexican food joints. Getitwhit sizes up the restaurant. We’re authentic Mexican — did it satisfy us?

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