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5 Ways To De-Puff Your Eyes

Whether it’s that time of the month or a fight with your boyfriend — we’ve all experienced puffy eyes. You cry all night, only to wake up looking like you’ve been plowed over by a semi. Your eyes are so swollen that you can barely open them. Makeup can’t cover it and more sleep won’t help. You …

Editor’s Pick: Top 12 Movies For Valentine’s Day

At Getitwhit, we know not everyone is attached. Here’s a list of movies to watch this Valentine’s Day!

Lulu — The Dating App From Hell?

Lulu — the app that is changing the dating game for better or worse. Can you pick a potential boyfriend based on reviews from his ex?

Train Guy

I overheard a man on the train telling a woman that he didn’t want to date her exclusively. The conversation went something like: “I don’t believe in dating only one person. I told you, that’s not realistic.” Ouch — as painful as that sounds, I had to chuckle. At least he was telling the truth, …

Why You Aren’t Allowed To Fall Asleep

Picture this: your night is planned. You and your boyfriend/ hubby are having a quiet night in, watching movies and drinking wine (because you can’t watch movies without alcohol and popcorn, right?) Mid-movie your man is asleep and snoring on the couch. Not only is it loud, it’s annoying — and he can’t figure out …

Dumping Letter Goes Viral

FUNNY — Breakup letter goes viral. 20 reasons why this guy is getting dumped!

13 Unique Wedding Gifts

Oh so you’re in a wedding? Story of our life! Everyone we know is getting married and if you’re the lucky one who gets to stand beside her during the special day, we know it can get costly. That’s why you don’t need to spend a fortune on the bride’s wedding gift! Here are 13 …

Express Your Damn Self!

An update on what I’ve learned during my time in Australia.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Single Style

Oh Valentine’s Day… the most loved day of the year or if you’re single the most depressing. A day where you just want to stay locked inside for fear of running into your ex with his new lover. A whole day dedicated to crying your eyes out over a box of chocolates, or at least …

Must Watch Christmas Movies

Get yourself in the holiday spirit! Curl up to Getitwhit’s favorite must see Christmas movies!