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5 Ways To De-Puff Your Eyes

Whether it’s that time of the month or a fight with your boyfriend — we’ve all experienced puffy eyes. You cry all night, only to wake up looking like you’ve been plowed over by a semi. Your eyes are so swollen that you can barely open them. Makeup can’t cover it and more sleep won’t help. You …

RockSweat — Exercise and Get Schooled in Rock History!

Interval workout hosted inside the Roxy Theatre, RockSweat will make you sweat while learning the history of Rock ‘n’ roll.

Review: Sleep-In Rollers

We are obsessing over Sleep in Rollers new glitter curlers! You want BIG, bold hair? This will do it!

The Single Life: Valentine’s Day Edition

Being single doesn’t mean you have to hate Valentine’s Day. Celebrate single hood with our list of fun events!

Editor’s Pick: Top 12 Movies For Valentine’s Day

At Getitwhit, we know not everyone is attached. Here’s a list of movies to watch this Valentine’s Day!

Lulu — The Dating App From Hell?

Lulu — the app that is changing the dating game for better or worse. Can you pick a potential boyfriend based on reviews from his ex?

Get Festive This Halloween!

Halloween is just days away! Still searching for spooky party ideas? Check out our list!

Train Guy

I overheard a man on the train telling a woman that he didn’t want to date her exclusively. The conversation went something like: “I don’t believe in dating only one person. I told you, that’s not realistic.” Ouch — as painful as that sounds, I had to chuckle. At least he was telling the truth, …

Why You Aren’t Allowed To Fall Asleep

Picture this: your night is planned. You and your boyfriend/ hubby are having a quiet night in, watching movies and drinking wine (because you can’t watch movies without alcohol and popcorn, right?) Mid-movie your man is asleep and snoring on the couch. Not only is it loud, it’s annoying — and he can’t figure out …

Dumping Letter Goes Viral

FUNNY — Breakup letter goes viral. 20 reasons why this guy is getting dumped!

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