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Mariah Carey Disappoints Melbourne Fans

Mariah Carey wasn’t all that and a bag of chips during her Melbourne concert. See why fans were “disappointed” with the diva.

Just A Little Midnight Reading…

Now that I live in Australia, my reading materials consist of Who, New Weekly & Famous! Here’s some things I’ve learned about Aussie gossip!

Tony Greig Dies At 66

Tony Greig has died. The famous ex-cricket player passed away unexpectedly yesterday. He was 66-years-old.

Food Review: Lil Kitch

Lil Kitch is located on Melbourne’s famous Puckle St. Melbourne is known for their foods & restaurants. Read our review of this little cafe.

Australia — Plan To Ban Tanning By 2014

Australia has made the big decision to ban tanning beds in 2014. Do you support their reasoning?

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